Classes @ Chicago Japanese Culture Center

The Japanese Culture Center located in Chicago continues to lead the charge in sharing and educating about traditional arts and crafts. If you are in the Chicago area and are looking to take some enriching classes, why not check out the lineup offered?

Here is a small list of just some of the recent offerings by the Japanese Culture Center.

2019 Japanese Culture Center Classes:

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Address: 1016 W Belmont Ave, Chicago, Illinois 60657

Chicago Japanese Matsuri 2018

Enjoy the kickoff of our annual Japanese summer festival in the heart of Chicago where you can experience authentic Japanese festival foods, cultural performances of Taiko drumming, Shodo/large scale calligraphy, Traditional Martial Arts, Sumi-e ink painting, Cosplay Contests, shopping and so much more! Interactive Japanese cultural booths will be throughout the festival featuring origami, games, arts, traditional fashion such as kimono, handwritten calligraphy requests, photo booths, and beyond!

The festival arts and performances are lead by the Japanese Culture Center and will include performances of Taiko drumming (maybe shamisen as well TBA), Shurikenjutsu, Indigo Dyeing and Mokume Shibori, Karate, Sumi-e, Aikido, Iaido, Large Scale Shodo Calligraphy, Ikebana flower arrangement, and much more!

See you there!

2018-09-25 14_18_20-Event Map 0914.jpg

The Heavy Basket: Yokai in Japanese Prints

The Japanese Arts Foundation and Japanese Culture Center in Chicago are teaming up to host a spooky lecture focused on Yokai with guest speakers Elias Martin. Elias Martin is a renown collector and dealer of Japanese Prints, and is a member of the Ukiyo-e Dealers Association of Japan. In this discussion Ukiyo-E, Shin Hangam, and Sosaku Hanga that depict yokai will be explored. Yokai are best understood as supernatural Japanese goblins and spirits of foul temper from folklore and legend.

“In the land of the rising sun deep shadows are cast and ghouls, ghosts and demons abound. Come and learn more about what makes those things that go bump in the night as depicted in your favorite Japanese prints.”