Kansas City Japan Festival

Kansas City Japan Festival 2018 on October 6th, 2018. This annual festival was first hosted on September 13th, 1997 and has steadily grown as an event. The Greater Kansas City Japan Festival (GKCJF) is presented by the Kansas City chapter of the Heart of America – Japan America Society and is ran entirely by volunteers in association with employees of Johnson County Community College. This event includes a selection of hands on activities such as origami making, displays that include bonsai and ikebana, and a vendor market that features anime, manga, and even kimono for sale. To learn more visit their social media or website.

  • Website http://kcjapanfestival.org/
  • Facebook https://www.facebook.com/kcjapanfestival/

Matsuricon 2018

Matsuricon is an annual anime convention hosted in Columbus, Ohio. Every year thousands of attendees take part in this convention. Though there is a heavy pop culture theme at this event, you can still find a selection of educational workshops known as panels. Panels are free to attendees. Every year there is a selection of panels dedicated to more traditional Japanese culture, from kimono to geisha. If you head over to the official Matsuricon website you can check out their special guest line up which includes a variety of professional voice actors who specialize in anime.

Website with more information: http://matsuricon.org/


Cherry Blossom Festivals In America

Discover the many Cherry Blossom Festivals in the USA!

It may come as a shock to some people, but there are Cherry Blossom Festivals all over the world every year. In the USA the most well-known festival is the DC Cherry Blossom Festival which attracts roughly a quarter million people to it each year. Throughout the rest of the USA there are other festivals as well, with some of the larger festivals hosted in places like Nashville, TN, and even Fort Wayne Indiana.

These Japanese festivals are the perfect place to sample Japan without needing a passport. At these festivals, you can see a wide sampling of Japanese culture from kimono, to cosplay. Even better many of these events are free to attend, or low admission cost and are family friendly. To help you find a Cherry Blossom Festival near you, we have assembled a small list of events taking place every year in the USA.

Be aware that not all of the Cherry Blossom Festivals in the USA are Japanese cultural events. There are also many smaller events and celebrations that take place nationwide, and many of these festivals are looking for volunteers to help make them possible.