Opening Reception at Sato Sakura Gallery

Ronin Gallery and Sato Sakura Gallery will come together this November to transcend time and medium in the collaborative exhibition Sakura: An Enduring Tradition. Ronin Gallery will present a collection of 18th – 19th-century Japanese woodblock prints that depict cherry blossoms, while Sato Sakura will evoke the blooms of our modern world through contemporary Nihonga paintings. With each gallery a leader in their respective field, this exhibition provides a rare opportunity to explore such important works side-by-side.

About The Sato Sakura Gallery
From the Sato Sakura Art Museum’s founding in Koriyama City in 2006, to its expansion to Tokyo in 2012, and most recently, the New York gallery in 2017, Sato Sakura strives to create an international appreciation for the allure and diversity of contemporary Nihonga painting.


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