Exhibit: Modern Samurai – Men’s Kimono

Explore blended fashion as traditional Japanese men’s attire is mixed into modern concepts and designs. Spree Kingyo is a renown costume historian who promoted traditional kimono culture all throughout Europe, and the Americas.  A wide variety of fashion shows, and educational lectures are credited to them. Working in conjunction with Spree Kingyo for this exhibit is the Japanese Coordinator: Kumi Shimizu.

There will be over two dozen outfits on display og Men’s Kimono Designs Designers include; Afrikan Kimono (Portugal), Akira (Japan), Logan Doggs (New York), Modern Antenna (Japan), Robe Japonica (Japan), Katsura Sunshine (New York & Japan), and more.

  • Where: Oct 18th – 21st, 2019
  • When: 889 Broadway – New York, New York 10003

“A new and super creative generation of Fashion Samurai is emerging in Japan and internationally ~ bravely setting out to redefine men’s Kimono styles ~ keeping tradition alive while infusing it with new life. Their unique ensembles make a lasting impression at weddings, Kabuki, theater, hip restaurants, or just hanging out!

For this ground-breaking exhibition, ten international designers and stylists from Japan, Europe, and the United States contribute their innovative designs. Urban, elegant, or practical, they are all refreshingly modern and avant-garde coordinations ~ showcasing the new wave of male Wafuku ~ off the beaten track, risky, whimsical, yet so worldly and sophisticated.”



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