Sights At the 63rd Ginza Festival

This past weekend we were delighted to attend the 63rd annual Ginza Festival at the Midwest Buddhist Temple located in Chicago, Illinois. For three days there was a fantastic selection of entertainment including the likes of taiko, and even koto as well as traditional obon dancing. Aside from the entertainment which drew large crowds of local Chicago natives there was a large selection of Japanese food, and even a wonderful shopping experience on grounds. At the festival we saw a number of authentic Japanese kimono dealers, pottery artists, and even a metal smith. All weekend long people could be seen wearing yukata. Here are our photos from the weekend, we look forward to attending again next year.

  • Ginza 2018 Merchants:
    ARIYAMA STUDIO  – Contemporary woodblock prints
  • ASIAN ARTIQUE – Asian antique art objects
  • ENTROPYWARE – Jewelry
  • JEFF CHIU CERAMICS – Handmade ceramics
  • MBT BOOKSTORE – Books and other educational materials about Buddhism
  • OHIO KIMONO – Japanese Kimono and clothing
  • ORIGAMI ONLY – Origami art
  • PLANET OBI – Japanese Kimono and clothing
  • PLUMTREE STUDIO – Functional ceramic pieces
  • POMEGRANATE DESIGNS – Washi paper art
  • SANSEI ARTISANS – Japanese craft items
  • SHOP MBT – Japanese items, shopping bags, household items
  • SUMO FISH – T-shirts
  • TERRA ELEMENTA – Jewelry
  • TOUCH OF GLASS – Glass jewelry and other glass items
  • UNIVERSAL ARK – Jewelry
  • WABI SABI DÉCOR – Kimono gift items

Official Website:



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