Ginkenshibu 50th Anniversary Concert

Ginkenshibu is celebrating their 50th anniversary by hosting a free to the public concert at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, Illinois. This event will include taiko drumming, and traditional Japanese dance. In addition there is a special workshop to be hosted on July 28th involving Japanese Fan Dancing, and performing with swords.

Asian Improv Arts Midwest welcomes the Nippon Ginkenshibu Foundation from Japan for a very special collaboration event that will be held to commemorate Ginkenshibu’s 50th founding anniversary. Please join us on July 29th to witness the exciting joint stage of Japanese drum and traditional performing arts. Tsukasa Taiko’s performance will also feature a guest appearance by Grand Master Shunojo Fujima Sensei of Shubukai, Chicago’s renowned classical Japanese dance troupe.

Ginkenshibu Anniversary Info

  • Date: July 29th, 2018
  • Venue: Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago
  • Admission: Free, but with limited seating.
  • Tickets:

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